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get link Quraan Reading is a Unique Islamic study centre online, operating as a distance learning Academy, provides one -on- one online Quran Tutorial for individuals with fundamental teachings of Islam. The primary aim of  go site Quraan Reading  Academy is to create a greater awareness of the authentic and balanced teachings of Islam amongst the Muslim community at large from Europe to USA and UK, to Asia and Africa, through the provision and development of high quality educational programmes. The Academy aims to create a highly motivated and dynamic Muslim community, which seeks to engage with the modern world, whilst strongly retaining its religious and cultural roots. The Academy thus seeks to contribute to the development and preservation of the identity of the Muslim community at large by making available a rigorous and stimulating Islamic education and information. In order to achieve this, and to connect the Muslim community with its vibrant religious heritage, the Academy delivers the vast majority of its courses through the medium of English language in combination with a modern forward-looking approach. Our corporate office is in UK and we have centres for teaching in Nigeria, Pakistan and UK depends on courses. We are seeking and do have students in USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Spain, Nigeria and Pakistan. We teach 24 hours a day due to time differences.

see www auto binary ea com Key Operational Objectives

Our aim to provide high quality Islamic studies and Quran with Tajweed courses online which:
  • Reaches those with no knowledge or those who wish to advance further in Quran, Arabic or Tajweed.
  • Equips students with the skill to recite the Quran correctly and enhance student to read, speak, write and comprehend Quran and Hadith or Dua's Delivered innovatively through the use of new technologies.
  •  All classes are taught using the latest conference technology of sound and graphic. Students will be able to chat with their teacher, chat with their classmates if they are same level and actively participate through conferencing. Students will be able to ask their teacher enough questions.
Our service is for every individual anywhere in the world who has access to a high speed internet connection (DSL, Broadband).